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Cisco Wins (Tech) People’s Choice Award in B2B Social Media Awards

I couldn’t be happier to be writing this blog post. About a month ago, my dear friend and team mate, LaSandra Brill (@lasandrabrill) blogged about Cisco’s IPv6 social media campaign which was a runner up in the B2B Tech Integrated Social Media Awards category and Cisco ASR 9000 Test Drive video which was the winner in the Best Use of Video category.

This morning,  B2B announced the Cisco ASR 9000 Test Drive video as the winner in the Tech People’s Choice Award category. We’d like to thank everyone who voted for the Cisco ASR 9000 Test Drive in the Tech People’s Choice  Award category, and congratulations to the other Tech People’s Choice Award nominees, EMC and Microsoft.

It’s great to see social media embraced by so many companies and publications. For a list of all B2B award winners, please visit the B2B Magazine web site. Congratulations to all winners and finalists!

Click on the IPv6 and Cisco ASR 9000 series router links to learn more about these solutions.



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